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* Build to your own design
* Quick & Easy to assemble
* Durable Super Tough Plastic
* Easy Clean Maintenance
* Cost Effective Construction

        Pontoonz 8.1 metre houseboat        


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The "All New" Fusion Pontoonz Weekender

See what can be built with the Pontoonz Pontoon Boat Kitset System.

Now built to survey by Fusion Catamarans

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Fold Down Hard Top for "easy tow"


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Drive it right on to the beach and step off

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The 1200mm x 1200mm x 250mm deep Walk Pod. Ideal for lakeside walkways, or Finger Pontoons out from the shoreline. Can be configured many ways.

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6 x Walk Pods for a 3 metre x 4 metre Lakeside Jetty

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8 metre Pontoonz Pod System see floating bach
or houseboat

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A 5.7 metre river side Picnic and Swim raft

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     Skylighter 14 metre
 14 metre Pontoonz - Brisbane Skylighter Fireworks Display
 barge - January 1st 2015.
Using 33 x Pontoonz main pods
 and 3 x bow pods.Pontoonz Tri Hull system

wetland walkway
A Landscape project by Kinglan Landscaping
Te Awamutu for Waikato District Council.
March 2014. see more on facebook....

8.1 metre Pontoonz platform with a cedar clad shed
creating a very cost effective trailerable houseboat. March 2013

Full Colour range available

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Main Pod = 1200mm long x 600mm diameter
Loading Factor - 300kg 100% immersed Weight = 21kgs

Bow Pod = 900mm long x 600mm diameter

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Temporary Jetty System using  4.5 Pontoonz System
(3 x pods and a bow pod per hull)
Ideal for water front properties with mud flats etc.

Simple, DIY Low Cost Construction

The PONTOONZ system is available in kitset form and is designed as a "Do it yourself" concept.

If you haven't built a boat before ...here's that opportunity to do so ...it's as easy as "cut, drill, and bolt".A great project to do with your kids and it's cost effective as well.Build as long and as wide as you want.

Simply lock together two hulls with as many 1.2 metre Pontoonz Pods as you want, using alloy, fibreglass box section or timber beams.

Fasten transverse beams between the two
hulls, and a 17mm plywood deck system.
Add deck fittings to suit such as Bimini, railings, seats, boarding ladder,cleats,carpet and trimmings. Easy to unbolt and disassemble for winter storage or for transporting

Go Exploring

 Load a tent, dinghy, life vests, fishing line, 
 gas stove/BBQ, food, an 8 - 50hp outboard
 motor  .... and you're away for the greatest
 adventure ever,
exploring Rivers, Lakes,
 Waterways, Canals and Estuaries.

    Boat Pod                         Raft & Jetty Pod
for Boat, Houseboats etc     for swim & picnic rafts etc

Pontoonz Raft used in the production of the Toyota Dream TV Ad.
The Toyota TV Commercial  "Believe" Raft
used 10 x Pontoonz Raft Pods. This ad has
just won the Fair Go "Best TV Ad Award for 2010"
Congratulations Toyota.

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Pontoonz 5.7 metre Hire Barge for wharf
maintenance. 8 x main pods and 2 x bow pods
November 2013

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6 x pod Pontoonz Floating Pump Station
Waterforce Christchurch NZ - April 2012

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Easy to build Construction


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This Pontoonz 570 was assembled in 4 days 


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All new totally corrosion free Keel System


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Pontoonz Floating Dock for Oracle Racing
San Francisco USA - April 2012

4 metre x 3 metre Pontoonz Community Swim Raft
provided to Auckland City Council.
Cheltenham Beach Auckland NZ.
Utilises 6 x Walk Pods.


Check out Pontoon Marine's Product News in
Professional Skipper Magazine

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Marketed by;
Pontoon Marine Systems,
Queensland Australia

Email: sales at pontoons dot com dot au



 Ideal for Lakeside jetties, swim rafts etc

3.6 metres x 2.4 metres utilising 6 x Pontoonz Raft Pods.Build yourself in a day, or we can build  for you

Launching of Pontoonz Fun Raft
Waiheke Island - Auckland NZ

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5.7 metre Oyster Barge ready for work

Paihia Motu Iti (Small Island) Swim Raft

Pontoonz Community Swim Raft  (Motu-Iti)
(meaning Little Island ) built by Focus Paihia
winner of the 2015 NZ Community of the Year Award

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