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" Floating a Raft of Ideas "
CONSTRUCTION (updated January2nd 2016)

    * Build to your own design
    * Quick & Easy to assemble
    * Durable Super Tough Plastic
    * Easy Clean Maintenance

    * Cost Effective Construction

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CAUTION: The following images are offered as a guide only.

When drilling bolt holes in the timber beams, it is recommended marking them in position and THEN REMOVING THE BEAM from the Pontoonz Pod for drilling. Drilling the hole whilst located in position MAY RESULT in drilling into the pod plastic thereby causing serious damage. (Plastic thickness at these points is 5mm nominal)

12mm bolts are recommended. Use 12.5mm Drill bit.
15mm plastic hose can be used as sheathing insert between Pod Bolt hole (16mm) and bolt.

With the pods upside down, insert keel insert
(hardwood or plastic)
2sm.jpg (5034 bytes)
The wood or plastic insert measures approx 60mm x 25mm x 30mm. Note the profile that is tapered at the base
11sm.jpg (6509 bytes)
The stainless or galvanised plate either side of the pods, help hold the pods together.
22sm.jpg (8730 bytes)
Recommend 12mm x110mm threaded bolts.
15sm.jpg (7137 bytes)
No Plates needed for stern pod. Use 50mm round or square washer either side.
bowstruct_sm.jpg (12560 bytes)
100mm x 50mm rough sawn H3 timber beams.

21sm.jpg (7256 bytes)
Bow beam needs to be tapered towards the bow.
32sm.jpg (8783 bytes)
890mmx 50mm long beams join the main pods together.Use 150mm x 12mm bolts and 50mm round or square washer either side.
28sm.jpg (6589 bytes)
Recommend using standard 15mm garden hose as inserts between bolts and pod holes
5sm.jpg (10113 bytes)
Transverse Beams ... as wide as you want,
Use 110mm x 12mm bolts to secure to pod
fus2sm.jpg (13086 bytes)
A 200mm x 50mm stern transverse beam can be used if an outboard is to hung off this beam.
3sm.jpg (12936 bytes)
Reinforcement of stern beam to cater for outoard facility
1sm.jpg (6018 bytes)
15mm - 17mm Ply decking laid and screwed
launch3sm.jpg (10383 bytes)
Floating deck ready for options topsides
5sm.jpg (8275 bytes)
5.7 metre with Bimini, railings, etc